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Male g spot prostate orgasm

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Fingering The Male G-Spot: 16 Things You Need To Know About Prostate Massage is cataloged in Anal, Anal Anuses, Anus, Butt Sex, Come Hither, Ernst Gräfenberg, Homophobia, Humor, Inspirational, Love & Sex, Lube, male G-spot, Male Sex Toys, Prostate Gland, Prostate Massage. By stimulating your male g spot, she can give you one of the most amazing orgasms you can have: A Prostate Orgasm! (Ladies click here) Just as women, men also have a G-Spot and when she stimulates it, she can give you explosive, earth-shaking orgasms!. "The 'male G-Spot' is the prostate and it's about two inches in the rectum toward the belly," explains Susan Milstein, Ph.D., a sex educator and professor in the Department of Health Enhancement.

Exclusive to males of the species, the noble yet misunderstood male g spot prostate orgasm gland is a mischievous lump of human tissue that can lead every male, straight or gay, down a yellow-brick road, past the pearly gates, and into a garden of earthly delights. Online sources claim that the prostate gland is either walnut-sized or chestnut-sized—but never both. I will assume that the average male prostate gland is somewhere between the size of a chestnut and walnut. In essence, all male orgasms start with the prostate. And since it teems with nerve endings—even more nerve endings than the penis—it is crucial to male sexual pleasure.
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Male g spot prostate orgasm

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