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Only 3 bottom front teeth

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I only have 3 upper front teeth left & I need an upper partial denture but my dentist tell me it would'nt work due to my bite. My bottom front teeth are wearing out because of this and she can't do anything about that either. I feel I am a hopeless case. please help. Scarlett has lost 3 front bottom baby ones already and has huge gap, 2 top teeth are adult but 7mm gap between them as missing either side she struggles to eat and it is painful sometimes, Sinead still has her baby front teeth all 4 but they only just poke above the gum line as so warn down and same gap in the top. they are so self concious. Home Blog I just want my bottom teeth straightened. I just want my bottom teeth straightened. aligning the crooked bottom teeth will improve it. If your front teeth come together in an edge-to-edge or an underbite relationship at the start of treatment, treating the lower teeth may actually make matters worse. As the lower teeth move.

Instead Of Having 4 only 3 bottom front teeth I have 3. I am a mom of 2 adorable kids which is hard not to smile, but my problem to being different from others keeps me from being around people and having a good time or should I say a good laugh with my loved ones. I have 3 teeth instead of 4 in the front. From a Teeth Diagram starting from front to back L and R. Canine Cuspid This is how its suppose to be right.? Lateral Incisor Right 3. Which is bigger than all of them so its hard only 3 bottom front teeth to tell.

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Only 3 bottom front teeth
Only 3 bottom front teeth

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