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Sex and the city personality

"it's like sticking your arm in the ocean at that point.salty and who cares?"

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We’ve all lived vicariously through the ladies of Sex and the City. Whose personality is most like yours? Take this quiz to find out once and for all if you’re a Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, or Miranda! Fictional Types - Sex and the City. Carrie was rather neurotic and needed a lot of support. Additionally, she had little respect for other people's personal space. If Mr Big thought his alone time might be threatened by her neediness, he (like all of us) would react badly. It's just a thought. The traits her character is frequently reviled for — cynicism, honesty, drive — are, in my opinion, the traits that make her character the most interesting. Miranda is the protagonist Sex and the City deserves; Carrie would likely fill the role of her stylish, witty, adorably deluded, love-obsessed sidekick.

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Sex and the city personality
Sex and the city personality

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