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Adult bed cause in wetting

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Adult bed-wetting once or twice isn’t typically cause for concern, but if it’s a recurring issue, it’s important to find out the underlying cause. We’ll tell you some of the possible. Your bed-wetting may also be because of conditions that affect your body's ability to store and hold urine. For instance, bladder cancer and prostate cancer can cause it. So can diseases of the. In fact, an overactive bladder muscle has been found in up to % of adult bedwetting patients. Bladder irritants, such as alcohol and caffeine, can contribute to detrusor instability. Try tracking your diet and bladder activity in a bedwetting diary to see if you notice any correlations with what you eat and drink and wetting the bed.

Adult bedwetting, otherwise known as secondary enuresis, occurs when there is a loss of bladder control during the night resulting in nocturnal enuresis. Although the condition is embarrassing, it should not be ignored as it might be a sign of an underlying condition. Many treatment options are available depending on the type of cause. Some possible factors include diabetes, hormonal imbalances, an enlarged prostate, and sleep apnea. Here are some causes and treatments to be aware of. Causes of adult bedwetting can be both physical and psychological and may include diabetes, bladder cancer, neurological disorders, side adult bed cause in wetting of medication, prostate cancer or enlargement, urinary tract adult bed cause in wetting or urinary tract stones, and obstructive sleep apnea.
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Adult bed cause in wetting
Adult bed cause in wetting

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