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How to pleasure myself for men

"Pass that butt"

shower power - Scene 4
Semen Retention. Sit cross-legged with your back straight enough for a deep breath, close your eyes and allow your mind to clear. Now imagine a flow of energy moving upward along your spine, towards the top of your head. Gently do some rear-side kegels (a.k.a. the . Tap on your clit as you get closer to orgasm. Squeeze and release your PC muscles. Set the mood, listen to music, light candles, dress in something silky. Take your time. Try the shower head, or position yourself under the running water from the tub's faucet. #4 Self Pleasure Yourself I n The Mirror. Take a big mirror, open your legs, allow your eyes to gaze over your whole body from the top to the bottom. Allow the inhibitions to fall by the wayside as you lovingly engage yourself in a sensual union with your soul. Touch your body softly, with your fingertips and tingle with pleasure.

The Author Lisa Artis. The how to pleasure myself for men thing to remember is that we are sexual beings. Our bodies are innately wired to experience touch in an intimate way. We have to allow what may come up so that we can release it — guilt, fear, all of it. Our clitoris exists solely for pleasure and too many women are not taking advantage of engaging in self pleasuring their flower. In a shower our bodies are hot, steamy and naked already. So why not open your thighs and allow the stream from the water to massage your clitoris.
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How to pleasure myself for men
How to pleasure myself for men
How to pleasure myself for men

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