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Oepn the bottom of an urn

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Cremation urns are used oepn the bottom of an urn hold the cremated remains of loved ones so that you can either spread the ashes at a site sacred to the individual or keep them on display as a gentle reminder of your lost loved one. Urns come in two forms: Each is opened and sealed differently. Both types of urns need to be opened carefully so as to not spill the ashes oepn the bottom of an urn and to prevent damaging the urn rendering it unfit to house the cremains. Pry gently with a butter knife placed into the space between the lid and urn to open the top. Place the screws into the small container so they are not lost.
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Oepn the bottom of an urn
Oepn the bottom of an urn
Oepn the bottom of an urn

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